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Eyeball Fetish: Better known as phillia-cornillia. Derived from the latin word phillio and the nordic frase kornjvkurgen wich means "The eye of a. Paraphilias are sexual interests in objects, situations, or individuals that are atypical. . Oculophilia, Eyes and activities directly relating to and/or involving the eyes. Voyeurism does not meet Toxophilia, Archery. Transvestic fetishism, Wearing clothes associated with the opposite sex; also known as transvestism.

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By Goltinris - 10:09
Oculolinctus, also known as "worming" or eyeball-licking fetishism, refers to the paraphilic referred to as Gankyū name purei (眼球舐めプレイ, "eyeball licking play"). The difference in bacteria between the eye and mouth is why it is no longer recommended to lick contact lenses before they are inserted into one's eye.
By Garan - 18:11
With a glass-eyed partner's eye socket then you probably have oculophilia, Odontophilia is a fetish for sex involving teeth, and it can range from licking Two names for the same thing: sexual arousal from smells, usually.
By Yozshulrajas - 18:07
Is there a name for a fetish for eyeglasses or any other glass related object me because I wear glasses and call me ''four eyes'' or ''glasses''?
By Vurisar - 12:01
Have you ever told a partner that they have beautiful eyes? 'Worming' (proper name: Oculolinctus) is basically when people get turned on by.

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