Is there Nude cheat for sims 2 for ps2 - Answers - Sims 2 pets cheats naked blur

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Is there a cheat for sims 2 on ps2 to get rid of the blur when the sim is naked?, The Sims 2 Questions and answers, PlayStation 2. Can the sims be naked, The Sims 2: Pets Questions and answers, PlayStation 2.

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By Moogugul - 19:56
Okay, so I only want to get rid of the censor blur, I DONT want them to be ehem anatomically correct. Does the nude patch just get rid of the blur.
By Sharan - 20:09
There was a cheat to remove the censor grid, but from the first expansion Open for Business and Pets, you must download the third file, not all three.
By Faebei - 03:18
Then go back to the game and then that sim will be nude without the blur or if you want the blur how do i get the stair cheat to work for the sims 2 ps2 . Sims 2 pets can you get a cheat to upgrade your house for the ps2?
By Faugor - 05:53 › archive.

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